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FreePint’s VIP Reviews Company Watch and Plunkett Research Online

March 9, 2010

Two new reviews from VIP, FreePint‘s magazine that “includes in-depth product reviews and comparisons, interviews with senior information industry figures and monitoring of research to identify future trends.” 

You can subscribe to VIP or purchase the reviews separately to read them.  VIP also offers a free subscription to Wires Weekly which provides information on new magazine contents.

Here’s the announcement regarding the reviews from this week’s Wires Weekly:

Product Review of Plunkett Research Online

‘The database consists of data sets, including market trends, statistics, company profiles, associations and glossaries that together provide a comprehensive overview of an industry sector. Plunkett Research provides market information on 32 industry centres or portals…’

Product Review of Company Watch

‘Whilst there are other vendors providing access to company financials, the unique selling point of Company Watch is its proprietary methodology for assessing financial health. The vendor claims that back-testing of the model shows that one in four companies with an H-Score under 25 will fail…’

Additional reviews released in the last six months include reviews for:


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