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Guest Review: Global Markets Direct

October 26, 2009

Global Market Direct

Contributed by Bonnie Jordan*

In an uncharacteristic move, I agreed to a phone/webex demo of Global Markets Direct, a market research intelligence database, after receiving a cold call from the product sales manager.  I was impressed!

The company reports are not merely a regurgitation of factual data.  There are several pages of detailed SWOT analysis, plus financial and trend forecasting.  If they do not have a report on the company you are looking for, you can submit a request and their researchers will create a report (SWOT analysis and all) within 72 hours.  I did this on a Friday and received the report on Monday.  Nothing about it seemed rushed or less thought-out.  The quality of my “on demand” report was just as high as the pre-made ones. 

I scheduled another online demo with people from our Marketing department and they LOVE it.  It is a great complement to West Monitor  reports and basic company reports like Hoovers.  As with many (most?) databases, they have less coverage of smaller private companies than larger companies or public companies.  They do include non-U.S. companies as well.

The price originally quoted to me was very reasonable when I compared it to what we were paying for other business databases.  The least expensive option was password access for two specific users (cannot share passwords).  They also offer firmwide access for a higher price, which I also thought was reasonable.  The Library splits the cost 50-50 with Marketing.  

The drawback is that it does not have a great search interface or any sort of browse feature.  The only search box is the Company Name field.  The other fields are drop-down menus (such as Industry, Public/Private, location) so you cannot do any keyword searches.

I am very happy with this database and think it is well worth the money. 

*Bonnie Jordan, Research Librarian, Lindquist & Vennum LLP.

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