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Alacra Releases Pulse Platform with Street Pulse

February 21, 2009

EContent Magazine reported today on a new product from Alacra called Pulse Platform:

On February 18, Alacra announced the rollout of its Pulse Platform, which identifies, aggregates, and presents business “events.” The company will offer freemium versions of individual Pulse offerings, which will be supported by advertising and the sale of related premium content from the Alacra Store, as well as enhanced premium editions.

The first application on the Pulse Platform is Street Pulse:

Alacra Street Pulse uses the freemium business model. The site is a completely free version, available without registration on the open web. The free version is supported through advertising and the sale of contextually relevant credit and investment research through the Alacra Store ( A professional version that contains no advertising is available for license, and includes advanced features including watch lists, email alerts, sharing and advanced search capabilities.

Alacra has long been a favorite of mine because of the various products and services they provide in the following areas:

  • Aggregation/Integration (my personal favorite)
  • Briefing/Pitch books
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Executive and Corporate Board of Director information
  • Current awareness
  • Portals (another favorite)
  • Premium Content

As mentioned above, with StreetPulse,  Alacra is offering what they call a freemium service defined as a “business model in which the owner or service provider offers basic features to users at no cost and charges a premium for supplemental or advanced features.”

~ Nina Platt

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