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PLI-XChange Includes Content Provided by Knowledge Mosaic

November 25, 2008

A recent press release issued by Practising Law Institute and Knowledge Mosaic LLC  describes PLI-XChange in more detail than PLI’s recent press release (see Practising Law Institute (PLI) Announces PLI-XChange) about the same service.  In this press release PLI announces it’s partnership with Knowledge Mosaic in that their content will be used by PLI to support student learning.

According to the press release, PLI-XChange “promises to revolutionize continuing legal education by offering an immersive, dynamic environment that combines enterprise social networking with a steady stream of real-time content.”  It goes on to state PLI’s goal to allow legal professionals “to network with PLI faculty and PLI attendees to share ideas, create new business relationships, and engage in peer-to-peer learning.”  PLI Course Attendees will receive access to the system when they register for a course.

Finally, the press release describes Knowledge Mosaic’s contribution:

The content provided by Knowledge Mosaic, updated daily, will feature salient worldwide news articles and editorial commentary; real-time news feeds from various regulatory bodies; court cases and enforcement actions pulled from PACER and associated web sites (e.g., the Department of Justice); lists of new and recent patents granted to specific U.S. companies or associated with specific representing law firms; expert legal analysis in the form of law firm memos from several hundred North American firms; and the best and most relevant postings culled from a network of over 25 widely read legal bloggers.  PLI XChange participants are invited to engage these voices and to add their own to the discussion, by contributing questions, comments, even instant messages to fellow participants and faculty members.

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  1. Nina I haven’t heard that this product has actually been released to anyone. Is that fair? It’s all in the future tense.

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