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November Issue of VIP Magazine Reviews News Products From Dialog, Dow Jones and LexisNexis

November 25, 2008

The November issue of VIP Magazine published by Free Pint LImited includes a review, The Big Three Revisited, of the news products from Dialog, Dow Jones and LexisNexis.  The annual report written by Pam Foster and Jill Fenton includes a the product review of NewsRoom, Factiva and Nexis along with a user survey.  The press release describes the survey and review and provides the following highlights:


  • Over 160 users responded to the survey, representing organisations the United Kingdom, European Union, North America, Australia and other parts of the world. Sectors represented include finance, consulting, legal, education and government.
  • Most respondents subscribe to more than one product; 73% subscribe to Nexis from LexisNexis, 67% to Dow Jones Factiva and 34% to Dialog NewsRoom. Respondents turn most frequently to Factiva Dow Jones (average of 3.25 on a 4-point scale among those who use the product), followed by Nexis (2.96), and then Dialog NewsRoom (1.94).
  • Respondents are highly experienced users. A third have more than 8 years’ experience with the products and another third have between 3 and 8 years’ experience.
  • Highest satisfaction with features and functions of products include:
    • Value from Product: highest average ratings for all three vendors
    • Effective Search: also high average ratings for all three vendors.
    • Dow Jones Factiva and Nexis from LexisNexis received high marks for scope of content.
    • Dialog NewsRoom outpaced the other two products for the usefulness of its training.
  • Lowest satisfaction was recorded for:
    • Communication: All three vendors scored on the lower end for useful communication with users .
    • Training: Respondents gave vendors lower marks for training that meets user needs.


  • Among the macro trends identified this year:
    • Increase in web-base sources, particularly blogs 
    • Contraction in some other high value sources — FT and Harvard Business Review, among others, have made their content more difficult to obtain through aggregators so that they can have a closer connection to their customers
    • Emphasis on specialisms, such as local resources or content from far-flung geographies
    • Continuing efforts to incorporate easy-to-use features without undermining the power of detailed searching.

Subscriptions of VIP magazine are available with discounts to SLA, fResource, and AIIP members.  Single issues are available for purchase including the November issue that contains this product review and survey.  The review and survey can also be purchased separately.

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  1. Nina, I thought this was a really interesting review of the “big three” news services. Well worth people spending some time reading.

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