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Legal News Feeds on Twitter

October 31, 2008

I have to admit that I haven’t quite figured out how I would use Twitter for daily life.  I’m not one to twit or tweet personal information (what I ate for dinner, what movie I saw, etc.) and I haven’t figured out how to easily add content on the fly.  Given that, I was surprised to learn of a very beneficial use of the service.  I’m talking about the JD Supra post on their blog, JD Scoop.

JD Supra provides an index to the “Twitter accounts that automatically (and solely) stream links to articles, alerts, and news on legal subjects.”  These accounts provide access to the ABA Journal and news and articles covering trade law, immigration, copyright, commercial law and more.  If you’re wondering what practical use can be made of these tweets, note that Twitter allows you to receive them via RSS.

I’m still not to sure of Twitter but this gives me hope.

~ Nina Platt


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One Comment
  1. Charles Dean permalink

    Very useful collection of CA tools. Thanks Nina (and props to CPL too!).

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