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CCH Law and Business Smart Charts

October 1, 2008

A recent News for Law LIbrarians from Wolters Kluwer Law & Business included news about new smart/quick charts.  From the email newsletter:

New Smart Chart for CCH

Privacy Law in Marketing reporter—Internet
A new second Smart Chart for the Privacy Law in Marketing reporter gives you ten new “Privacy Law in Marketing State Data Security Topics” to review by jurisdiction. The first Smart Chart for this reporter offers five multi-jurisdictional topics including State E-Mail Marketing Laws, State Laws on Use of Social Security Numbers, and State Phishing Laws. With Smart Charts you select the topic and jurisdictions, and the tool retrieves the information and presents it in a chart or matrix format.

New Subprime Lending QuickChart for CCH Federal Banking Law Reporter—Internet

The new QuickChart brings together information on federal laws, regulations, agency guidance, court opinions and current developments that relate to subprime lending issues. Analysis by CCH editors also is referenced, as are links to the relevant material in the CCH Federal Banking Law Reporter and sources on the Internet.  The Subprime Lending QuickChart presents recent activity by document type with further breakdown by topic, which allows users to narrow review by subject matter. A concise description of each item is provided. Select the areas of interest and QuickCharts will retrieve the information in a chart format.

While there are many reasons to subscribe to the CCH Internet Research Network, the smart charts rank high on my list.  CCH Smart Charts are quick reference, time-saving tools that expedite multi-jurisdictional research.  To learn more about how Smart Charts work, view the flash demonstration for comparing State and Federal Employment Law.   

Finally, a Microsoft Word document provided by CCH for posting with this article answers the question where-can-i-find-smart-charts? .

~ Nina Platt

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