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BNA Convergence Powered by Llesiant

September 27, 2008

BNA and Llesiant have teamed up to bring us BNA Convergence.  What is Convergence?   At BNA, it is a system that allows subscribers the ability to search across the BNA reports  (as well as a larger Llesiant collection of news if desired) and save the searches for delivery via email or RSS feed.  As the BNA marketing materials state, it:

Allows you to conduct searches across publications to create powerful, focused alerts and customized reports for everyone in your firm or company.  BNAConvergence is a unique filtering solution that makes it easy for you to find, analyze, and deliver information critical to your firm or company.  BNAConvergenceutilizes powerful proprietary BNA taxonomies with full-text search to help you create precise filters and customized reports for your organization’s information needs.

Besides the BNA content, Llesiant also provides “Over 20,000 additional sources—including major U.S. and world newspapers, premium business journals, magazines, global news bureaus, periodicals, influential blogs, government agencies, and more!”

With Llesiant, you have the ability to manage the searches, alerts and profiles that make up the current awareness.  This is a great step up from the alerts I last used from BNA that required the management of searches, etc. by BNA editorial staff.

Suggestions for use include:

  • Monitor what the media is saying about your company
  • Keep up with competitive intelligence
  • Track your clients in the news
  • Monitor government agencies
  • Check SEC filings
  • Pursue new business development opportunities
  • Spot industry trends to create and expand new practice groups

~ Nina Platt


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